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Ci Angels

Paisley Maxi Dress
  • Dress

    The Maxi Dress are synonymous with femininity and sensuality. It makes every woman look attractive and unforgettable wearing beautiful dresses of different colors, with a neckline, with sleeves, short or long, everything will depend on the occasion and her style. The dress for the silhouette is one of the best alternatives to look divine, and hide the parts of our body that make us a little uncomfortable.

  • Jumpsuits / Rompers

    Jumpsuits or Rompers are wonderfully flattering pieces, being a single piece helps to have greater control of the accessories, and not having to worry about the color combination. You can use them on a variety of occasions, they will make you feel comfortable, safe, feminine and attractive. They come in different lengths, with a neckline, closed, long sleeves, short sleeves, with a bow, dozens of possibilities to try.

  • Sets

    The two-piece set is essential for your fashion collection. You find them in solid tones or with prints. They always look good and are easy to wear. The advantage of the 2-piece set is that you can forget about indecisions, since they will make you look spectacular with little effort and create Mix & Match. These pieces go well with any type of body.